VMware VDP Appliances – they don’t write, they don’t call

It seems that since the summertime changeover, none of our VDP appliances have been reporting home with an email each day. I let this go for a bit as I was busy with other things, but after a while you start to wonder… After first running some basic diagnostics like:

  1. check spam filters – nothing in spam bin
  2. check mail relay servers- nothing in logs
  3. Perform a test email from the control panel – all good
  4. check logs in control panel and found:
Send email summary report error: The email summary report timer is set to the incorrect hour. It does not match the vdrdb value.

A bit of Googling suggests that the email function needs resetting. Our reports are set to come out at 0800 so the clock is clearly skewy. I logged in and clicked the Edit button and then re-saved the settings without making any changes.

I’ll update the post when i can confirm whether this worked or not.

==== UPDATE ====

OK, 0800 has been and gone and I have all the expected email reports in my inbox. I’ll chalk that up as a success and I look forward to the next time change back to GMT!

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