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Creating FTP Accounts on ZFS space with quotas

As part of the Gconnect 30:30 server product, I need to create a 10GB FTP store for each server. Its part of the deal so customers can use it either for backup, if they don’t want the server image backups … Continue reading

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Reset FreeBSD Default Quotas

We recently changed policy to make the default webspace quota 1GB (up from 100MB!) which I posted about previously. What I overlooked was in the dim and distant past I had set a default quota for new users with the … Continue reading

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FreeBSD Quotas – bulk updates (using Perl)

Another day, another 63 pence (according to xe.com), and another potentially mind numbing repetitive FreeBSD admin operation. Todays request was to increase all of the web quotas to 1GB on a web server which has variable quotas set on a … Continue reading

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