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Using SNMP to monitor disk space on CentOS

The task here is to set up a Nagios test to monitor disk space on a CentOS box. Ive had the firewall protecting the remote CentOS box set up to allow UDP port 161 through so we need to set … Continue reading

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Nagios jitter testing

As part of our new SLA we are required to test and repost on jitter across the core of our network on a per MPLS VPN basis. That seemed ok to start with, but a Nagios does not have an … Continue reading

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A bit more Perl and eval – this time with WWW::Mechanize

So while all of the patriotic Brits were flag waving for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, I was asked to write a Nagios test to monitor whether our email archiving system was working. The test specified that if a user could … Continue reading

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