Objectionable C

Clearly my day to day work with Perl was not taking up enough time and I’m ‘quite’ interested making an iPhone application, so here i am at the gates of ‘Objective C’ and looking for that elusive ‘Hello World’. At home I’m using an iMac running Snow Leopard, and thinking that as i’m wanting to write code for an Apple product, what better platform? To make it even easier Apple make an IDE called Xcode for doing such things.

Obstacle 1

Log into the ‘App Store’ and find Xcode, click the download button and … denied, you must be running Lion for this product. No problem, I’m running Lion elsewhere, including the laptop I’m writing this on, what could possibly go wrong?

Obstacle 2

Select Lion from the ‘App Store’ and begin the tortuous X hour download. Eventually Lion is installed and now ‘Terminal’ does not work – Oh happy day!

Obstacle 3

Ah no problem, I think i’ll just re-install Lion by the ‘cmd-R’ on boot method, intact this is the only method as Apple no longer trust us with disks. So here we go again on another tortuous X hour download! This still does not fix the issue, even copying a backup of the Terminal.app into the correct location does not fix the issue.

One thing Apple got absolutely right is Time Machine – Nuff said.

Meanwhile I looked at the ‘Hello World’ program and compiled it on a FreeBSD box as it seems the intro programs are all ANSI C anyway. Heres the code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void){
printf("Hello World\n");
return 0;
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