Notes on the Vacation program – multiple aliases

Is it possible to have multiple aliases with vacation? Yes!

Imagine you have a sendmail setup with a virtusetable that looks like this:         fred     fred  fred

And you want to use vacation for an out of office response. The requirements may be that if somebody sends an email to fred@ or to fred.bloggs@ you want the OOO message to be sent, but not frederick@. In the .forward file you would need to use the following setup:

"|/path/to/vacation -a -a fred"

You can add multiple ‘-a’ switches to accommodate the number of mail accounts.

The Vacation database

The vacation database keeps a record of who has been ‘autoresponded’ in order to not send them multiple responses within a pre-determined time period. the default is 1 week. To see the content of the database, sue the following syntax:

vacation -l user_name

You get a response like this:                     Sun Oct  2 22:47:08 2011                  Sun Oct  2 22:40:16 2011

The database can be wiped by either deleting the file .vacation.db or using the command:

vacation -i user_name


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