Juniper EX switches – those error lights!

When we spin up a new EX 2200 switch the Alarm light always comes on. This post shows how to trace the issue and fix the problem. Then hopefully your switch will not have that annoying/alarming red/amber light on it all the time! Im using an EX2200 (JUNOS 12.3R9.4) and have loaded the factory default config.

Lets check for system alarms

root> show system alarms 
1 alarms currently active
Alarm time               Class  Description
2015-02-12 14:38:59 UTC  Major  Management Ethernet Link Down

This is telling us that we are not plugged into the management port – which is not a problem. Lets fix that:

root# set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore

Now when its committed, the red light is off!

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