Cisco PPP Revision Lab

Another day of ongoing study brings me to the ‘Wide Area Network’ topics such as Frame-Relay and PPP. I’m using GNS3 which makes the whole process a bit easier to demonstrate the concepts and help it become less theoretical and more ‘real’! Here is my setup:



Here are my requirements which covers a lot of what the syllabus is asking for:

R1 -> R3
1. Set the clock speed and bandwidth to reflect 128kbps
2. Ensure that if the traffic drops more than 10% of the packets in either direction, the line is dropped.
3. R1 should authenticate R3 using CHAP (password: ‘s3cur3_chap’)
4. R3 should authenticated R1 using EAP (password: ‘s3cur3_3ap’)
5. Configure ‘fast’ payload compression
6. Ensure header compression for tcp based applications is configured as well as voip applications

R1 -> R2
1. Set speed and bandwidth to 128kbps
2. Ensure packets are load balanced over both lines
3. Ensure that the links will only come up if both members are active
4. All links should use bi-directional plain text authentication (password ‘PLAIN’)
5. To ensure small packets are not ‘serialized out’ configure interleaving with a fragment delay of 10ms

R2 -> R3
1. Set speed and bandwidth to 128kbps on both links
2. Configure multilinking only when both lines are up
3. Links should authenticate via chap using UN: router2 PW:fish2 and UN:router3 and PW:fish3

Have fun!

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