Cisco ASA Connect to DSL via Draytek Modem

Some times we need to connect an ASA to a DSL/FTTC line directly vi a modem, either for a backup line (see previous posts) or for a primary internet connection. Lets walk through the process here:

Stage 1- Set up a VPDN group
As the modem takes care of the complicated VCI/VPI type settings, we will use pope with just a username and password. This setup works fine with UK based poppa type connections too.

vpdn group MYGROUP request dialout pppoe
vpdn group MYGROUP localname <dsl_username>
vpdn group MYGROUP ppp authentication chap

Stage 2 – Set up the local user for DSL authentication

vpdn username <dsl_username> password <dsl_password> 

Stage 3 – Attach to the outside interface
Assuming the DSL modem is plugged into the OUTSIDE interface. Note the default route is set at the same time.

interface GigabitEthernet1/1
 nameif OUTSIDE
 security-level 0
 pppoe client vpdn group MYGROUP
 ip address pppoe setroute 


ASA# show vpdn pppinterface 

PPP virtual interface id = 1
PPP authentication protocol is CHAP
Server ip address is A.B.C.D
Our ip address is W.X.Y.Z
Transmitted Pkts: 689943, Received Pkts: 1276163, Error Pkts: 0
MPPE key strength is None
  MPPE_Encrypt_Pkts: 0,  MPPE_Encrypt_Bytes: 0
  MPPE_Decrypt_Pkts: 0,  MPPE_Decrypt_Bytes: 0
  Rcvd_Out_Of_Seq_MPPE_Pkts: 0
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