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Adding the Spamhaus drop list to MimeDefang on FreeBSD

We have decided to use the Spamhaus drop list on our anti-spam system, which will help us block certain net blocks that have been hijacked by spammers. We wanted to use this list in line with the other features of … Continue reading

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Using a RAMdrive with MIMEDefang on FreeBSD

Before I deploy the new spam scanning servers which run a combination of: Sendmail MIMEDefang SpamAssassin Milter-Greylist I’d like to set the spool directory to run on a ramdrive to increase the speed an efficiency of the system. When MIMEDefang … Continue reading

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MIMEDefang – processing the valid users list ( filter_recipient() )

I’m rebuilding our spam scanning platform at the moment and making some changes/improvements along the way. One of our issues was that we want to show customers ‘just how bad it is’ without spam scanning and so would like to … Continue reading

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