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FreeBSD memstick – Creating a bootable install key on a Mac

I dont make boot keys very often, an seem to have to ‘re-learn’ every time its needed. Hopefully writing it down like this will commit it to memory! So first take the USB key of choice and plug it into … Continue reading

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JellyfiSSH – Restoring bookmarks from an older version

Its my first post for a while, the summer has been busy! So while my iMac is at the repair shop getting a screen problem fixed, I’m ‘slumming it’ on a Mac Book Pro. As i’ve a job to do … Continue reading

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Using Mac native VPN client with Cisco VPN

First post of the year! A colleague of mine just emailed to ask how to connect to our network from his Macbook Pro whilst abroad. The quick and easy answer is to use our company VPN which still runs on … Continue reading

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