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Upgrading MySQL on CentOS 6

I’ve been migrating a web site from a community web server to a dedicated 30:30 server running CentOS, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The issue is that CentOS stopped updating MySQL at version 5.1 in the CentOS 6 track and the … Continue reading

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Retro fitting httpd-itk to a CentOS Apache setup

I have a few CentOS servers which despite being dedicated server are being managed by web developers who want to do the whole thing with an FTP client. This is fine, however I needed to install and configure httpd-itk so … Continue reading

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Using SNMP to monitor disk space on CentOS

The task here is to set up a Nagios test to monitor disk space on a CentOS box. Ive had the firewall protecting the remote CentOS box set up to allow UDP port 161 through so we need to set … Continue reading

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