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RT – starting from a ticket number larger than 1

Ok, so not a request you would get every day, but when setting up our new RT (Request Tracker) server, we had a requirement to start at ticket number 200,000. This requirement was to ensure the new RT server’s tickets … Continue reading

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Updating FreeBSD – The modern way!

The time has finally come for me to update my update method. For years I have been a ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ cvsup guy, but the last server I installed (FreeBSD 9.1) started bleating about the ports tree not being updated any more, … Continue reading

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Fun (?!) with Cisco OSPF part 1

There are several factors involved in successfully forming an OSPF neighbourship, these are: Must pass the authentication process Must be in the same subnet with a matching mask Must be in the same OSPF area Stub flag must match Unique … Continue reading

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Setting up Syslog on FreeBSD 9.1 for Cisco

Just a quick note on how to make a syslog server to collect Cisco logging messages. From a fresh installation of FreeBSD 9.1 1. Allow syslogd to accept connections from anywhere (I use an external firewall to limit access) echo … Continue reading

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