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Cisco ASA connection limiting per client

One of our long standing server hosting customers was having an issue with his server whereby his server was being locked up by the Apache process being overloaded. The attacker was simply connecting to the server and then not issuing … Continue reading

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FreeBSD and RIP – solving MPLS VPN routing issue

Working on a network consultancy project with a customer to monitor remote sites in a part MPLS VPN/ part IPSec VPN was presenting problems for the Nagios server in our data centre. ¬†below is a basic overview of the network. … Continue reading

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Cisco VTI based VPN configuration on 887 router

The latest network consultancy job we are doing here at Gconnect involves a network designed to provide redundant VPN tunnels between 2 sites using a combination of 5 DSL (cisco 887) routers. The requirements for the job were that in … Continue reading

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Adding the Spamhaus drop list to MimeDefang on FreeBSD

We have decided to use the Spamhaus drop list on our anti-spam system, which will help us block certain net blocks that have been hijacked by spammers. We wanted to use this list in line with the other features of … Continue reading

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Using the Raspberry Pi as a wall display

When the Raspberry Pi first cam to our office, I set it up as a wallboard displaying various graphs, however some time later the SD card failed and it all went down the tube! When setting it up again I … Continue reading

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