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% Create the peer-group first – Cisco BGP issue

Today a customer asked me to add a peer via the Lonap peering LAN to their border routers. Normally a trivial operation as we, like everybody else use a peer-group arrangement, but on this occasion it would not accept the … Continue reading

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Adding SoughtRules to Spamassassin

I felt that our spam filter was not as ‘sharp’ as it had been in the past, so it was time to add some extra bite. A colleague had recommended the SoughtRules so i thought I’d give them a go. … Continue reading

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Creating FTP Accounts on ZFS space with quotas

As part of the Gconnect 30:30 server product, I need to create a 10GB FTP store for each server. Its part of the deal so customers can use it either for backup, if they don’t want the server image backups … Continue reading

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